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Things to consider before booking:

*New/First time clients MUST BOOK

"New Client Restoration" *

WHEN to book

  • Trim- every 4-6/6-8 weeks. The average person can go about 6 weeks.

  • Treatment (Steam or Deep Condition)- AS NEEDED. This may vary per client.

  • Color Retouch- 6 weeks

  • Styles- Varies per client. Choose what's best for you and your hair

  • Consultation- When you are ready to start a treatment plan for hair loss/scalp disorders

WHAT to book:

  • Dandruff, Psoriasis, Dry Scalp- Steam Treatment

  • Weak/broken hair/excessive shedding- Deep Condition

  • Dry, dull hair- Steam Treatment

-Both are equally beneficial, however, do what's best at the time.



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